November 1

3 Mini-labs dealing with convection

Create a mini lab for the experiment below.  The title for this experiment is “How Water Vs Cold Water Convection”. This afternoon we are doing 3 mini-labs.  To do this at home you will need to use lined paper as we had before and put in the appropriate titles for a formal lab.  For procedure and materials, just say, “see blog”.  The 3 experiments are: 1) what will happen in the fish tank when we pour hot (red) water into cold (blue) water? and 2) what will happen with the two bottles when we put hot water on the bottom, and cold water on top, and then allow them to be in contact? and 3) what will happen with the bottles of hot and cold water if we do it all again but with the hot water on top and the cold on the bottom?  You will need to first write your hypothesis’, and then watch the videos.  Then, you will want to watch the brief lesson video (that I will record and post to Science channel this afternoon) where I explain the concept, and then you will attempt to use that knowledge to explain your own understanding when you explain the results you observe in the experiments.

Here is the format of a mini-lab (for reference):

Here is our brainstorm on “what we already know” to help start our thinking for our hypothesis’:

Experiment #1:


Experiment #1 Explaine (watch this before completing your conclusion):

Experiment #2 and #3:

Explanation of the results in the video below

Here are the key words we brainstormed this morning

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