October 4

Exact Descriptive Writing – Coding to Draw

Today We will be doing an activity called Exact Descriptive Writing.Β  we will be experimenting with describing how to draw a very specific picture. To do this students will require a piece of blank copy paper (Mr. Ewert will supply in class), a pencil, and an eraser (if students wish).Β  Students will first practice with an example demonstration from Mr Ewert. Then they will practice with a given picture and a partner. Then, students will have 20 minutes two hand write a very exact, descriptive piece, in proper paragraph format that accurately describes how to draw a picture of their own creation. Warning: this takes very exact detail and refined thinking. this will wish to do a fairly simple picture, however, the parameters for your picture are below. Be sure to follow all criteria for your picture.

Your picture must have:

-at least 3 different shapes

-at least 3 of the four quadrants (quarters) must have something in them (you can’t pile them all together

-at least 2 of the shapes cannot touch the edge of the paper

-you must keep it SIMPLE

If you are absent.Β  I will be streaming the live lesson of this on teams at 2:10 PM today. I advise you to watch the teams broadcast on the ELA channel if you are absent. You will then need to complete this task at home with assistance.

21.10.04 exact writing coding drawing

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