September 23

Newsela – Join our Class and Complete your First Assignment

We will be using newsla this year to study the news and situations affecting humans from all over the planet.  Today we are starting with you joining our class on Newsela using this link.  Click on it, join, and start your first assignment.  Be sure to set the reading level for this first assignment to the proper level for your grade. This means: if you are in grade 7 you are to set it to the level between 1000-1100, and if in grade 8 between 1100-1200.

Once you have finished reading the article online, be sure to take the quiz, then complete your article summary for submission to Mr. Ewert.  If you need a copy of the article summary sheet (provided in class), 21.09.23 news article summary or on the assigment directly on Teams.

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