September 14

The Great Canadian Election Debate – Let’s Put on Them Political Gloves and Duke it Out!

ndpfed-logo-620x297 Liberal_Party_of_Canada conservativeIt’s national debate time here in Grade 7-8 E!

Canadian Election Debate – Research Organization

In this assignment you are going to be assigned to a political party.  You will consider the issues discussed in class and then research what you think your party would respond to the issues that have been discussed.  To do this you will likely use the website that hosts your party’s election platform.  Some of the questions will be directly discussed on their website but some will not leaving you to have to research the news about related issues that would give you clues about what that party would respond to that issue.

  • For example: perhaps you are researching what the Conservative Party’s policy would be on whether or not Muslim women should be allowed to wear a Niqab or face veil to civic ceremonies but you are unable to find it on their site.
    • Did you try finding a site search bar and putting in key words such as “niqab, veil, or civic ceremonies”?
    • Did you try putting in a google search for those key words along with “Coservative” party and then click the NEWS option in google?

Here is a great website to start with: it has all the major party’s platforms in language aimed at middle school age students.

Use the links to the main party platforms on their websites to help you with your research:



New Democratic Party (NDP)

Use this other very useful links to find the answers to the questions you are studying

2021 Election Platform Guide


Use more than just that…here is the full english language Federal Debate that took place last week.

questions you are to research; use the chart below to help you organize your research in preparation for the debate next week when the parties meet head-to-head for our national federal debate.

Type of Issue
Direct question being researched
Examples when your party addressed this issue
Your official response that you plan to debate with
Download a copy of the questions Mr. Ewert gave you to help you prepare for the debate on Friday

21.09.13 election debate questions a

Download a copy of the chart and assignment here if you lost the one Mr. E gave you.

21.09.13 Canadian Election Debate – Research organization

Download a copy of the rubric for the debate if you lost you copy that Mr. E gave you.


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