June 11


Interview on   Ernest

Hello, I am doing for my ww is an interview on Ernest.

So, I had some questions for Ernest, and he answered them. ok the first question I asked was “how many siblings do you u have Ernest “? He said I have two siblings.  So that answered my first question. now I have 3 more questions.

Now for my second question what do you do when you are not in school Ernest? he said “I am playing basketball or on my phone “. Ok that I s a good answer I would do the same thing as u now I asked that I have 2 more questions for Ernest.

Ok this is a good one. how many brothers do u have he said 3 because two live in the Philippines and one lives with and one  other sibling lives in the Philippines


Now for the last one is what is your favorite food  it is like dino nuggges .

That is all  thank you

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