April 26

Math – April 27 – gr7’s bisectors gr8’s Dividing mixed numbers

This week we are extending our geometry studies with the Grade 7’s looking at bisectors and the Grade 8’s studying the volume of cylinders.

The Grade 7 Assignment: Grade 7’s will complete all questions in assignment 8.3 on constructing perpendicular bisectors.

19.04.21 grade 7 – constructing perpendicular bisectors – 8.3-2bj78n8

Here is the follow up lesson on how to do #’s 4-5 and 8-9

Here is the link for a great hands on tool to do geometry on a pc or device.  It is the website I used to make the video lesson below.


The Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s will complete questions 4 – 16 of assignment 3.7 – Dividing Mixed Fractions

20.04.24 grade 8 – dividing mixed numbers – 3.7

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