September 11

My Summer

hello, its Ava do you remember me from last year? so its the start of another school year anΒ  dim going into grade 8. i wanted to blog about my summer since i didn’t want to say anything about covid seeings as we seem to be talking about that a lot lately which is no surprise considering the events in our world today. but enough Tools to help keep kids safe on the farm this summer | Grainewsabout that you cab read that on other blogs today i am going to be talking about my summer of 2020….

my summer started off with going on a camping trip with my grandparents, it was really fun we did lots of water activities such as fishing,swimming,tubing,and playing on a super awesome water lily pad. i went fishing multiple times but didn’t manage to catch anything, we also took the boat for a ride to this old cabin that the old miners used to use it was really cool!! after we got back we stayed home for a little while, i worked at the farm a little i worked with my pet heifer i kinda forgot to name her so she answers to girl. after we were home for a little but we went camping with my parents to bakers narrows, it was also really fun my auntie, her husband and my baby cousin cam out for a couple of days which was fun it was a really long drive though!! we also did lots of water stuff there but it was better cause we actually caught fish, the beach and the campground where really pretty and we went tubing a couple of times but not too much. i didn’t hang out with that many friends but it was ok since i hung out with my BFF a little bit, this summer was also kind of a bummer because we didn’t get to go the British Columbia to see my grandparents and that is always my favorite part of the summer! my great nanny also had to move to an old folks home which was hard for all of us but im sure she will make friends.

that was about the extent of my summer i hope that you enjoyed my blog see you next week

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