October 29

Science – Explaining Air Pressure

Today we are discussing air pressure.  We will be observing a few demonstrations and then attempting to explain the Science behind them.

First: review the video below that we tried a few weeks ago.  Do you remember how to explain it?

Second: Take a look at the expanding air experiment below.  But, be sure that you have your mini-lab ready first.  This means that you need to have a piece of lined paper with the date, your name, Science, and Mr. Ewert in the top right hand corner.  The title is “Balloon and Bottle Experiment”.  You need to have the question, “what will happen to the bottle with the balloon on it when the bottle is heated?”.  For materials and procedure just write, “see class blog post”.  Make absolute sure that your hypothesis is detailed and completed before watching the video.

Third: Complete a mini lab for the final demonstration.  This one is called “Egg and Bottle Experiment”.

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