June 21

This year was a great year.

This year Ii have to say that my sports went up really high in every event. I placed in all my events except 1 witch was one hundred meter. Are school went to Selkirk for a track meet. I got 3rd in hurdles. AlthoughΒ  I cant remember that long ago if I placed in shot put. Then we went to are divisional and i placed in shot hurdles and discus all in first place. Then later on at the being of June I went to provincials for shot put discus and hurdles. I didn’t do my best thats for sure ,I could have done better.Β  Even though I places 3rd out of around 50 people I could have done better.

For my friends I have got to get closer and have the chance to hangout with them more often. They have helped me through the year and i couldn’t have done it without them. But there was still some people that I disliked.

This was a great year and I hope that it carries on a fun rest of my school years to come.



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