April 8

How to Clean a Flute and Take Care of It

How to Clean a Flute and Take Care of It

In this piece I will be telling you how to clean a flute and take care of it. The three parts of the flute are the head joint (mouth piece), the body (middle), and the foot joint (the bottom). First off, you will unscrew the head joint from the body of the flute. Make sure this is done gently and carefully. Do Not touch the keys and keypads while removing the pieces! These can get damaged easily!

To properly take care of you flute, it’s a good idea to clean it after every use. If you leave your flute uncleaned it may begin to smell and affect your performance. To begin cleaning you flute, attach a soft cleaning cloth to a cleaning rod (a cleaning rod is a stick like shape with a whole at the top), Thread the cloth through the hole at the top of the rod and wrap the cloth around the rod.

Put the rod inside each piece of your flute. start off cleaning the foot joint because the foot joint will usually have the least amount of saliva and moisture, so it’s better to start cleaning there. Then proceed to clean the body and then the head joint

To clean the outside of your flute you can get either a silver brushed or any other soft, thin cloth you have. Again, Do Not touch the keys and keypads while cleaning, they can easily get damaged or bent.

I hope this piece educated you on how to clean the flute and take care of it. Again, cleaning your flute after every use is vital. Another way to keep your flute squeaky clean is not eating before playing your instrument. Now that you’ve read this, I hope you know how to clean and take care of your flute.



April 3


Today we are doing a review of BEDMAS (PEMDAS) with students.  We played “Who Wants to be a Hundredaire” online to test and hone our skills.


For a review of how the Order of Operations works (BEDMAS/PEMDAS) check out the video below.

Extra Games:







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April 1

Math – April 1st

Image result for probabilityThis week we are discussing probability in both Grade 7 and 8 Math.  Grade 7’s are discussing different ways of expressing probability using different methods of representation from fractions, to percent, to decimals.  Grade 8’s are discussing how the likelihood of independent events happening.

Grade 7 Assignment: click the link below for the assignment and watch the videos for extra help with converting between different forms of numbers (dec., fractions and more).  Grade 7 are to do all questions of the assignment.

19.04.01 grade 7 – different ways to express probability – 7.5-1v6z3g9

Grade 8 Assignment: click the link below for the assignment.  Grade 8’s are expected to complete #’s 3-12 in preparation for their quiz on Friday.

19.04.01 grade 8 – probability of independent events – 7.3-wjlttw

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