February 22

My Caring Students

Image result for givingThis week I am not at school as I have been fortunate enough have health professionals looking after me to make sure I am physically strong for my family.

Meanwhile, my students have been hard at work making sure that I feel cared for in my absence. Yesterday, my wife came home from work at the school with a large basket full of hand-picked goodies that the students had personally selected to assemble and give to me. She told me of all the people who were asking about my well-being and wishing me well.

As I listened to her tell me about my caring staff and students a tear came to my eye as it was readily apparent that my community supports me. Thank you to all who have asked about me, discussed things with me, and sent me well wishes.

I especially send out a warm thank you to my exceptionally caring class of students. I miss being at work with you but strongly cherish the amazing people who you are. Receiving that basket yesterday assured me once again of how important my work with you is and how important our work together is in this world. You are an exceptional group of students that I am blessed to have in the classroom. I look forward to seeing you again next week.



Mr. Ewert

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