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Dead Dreams by Brandon


Dead  Dreams

by Brandon


I wake up in the middle of the night only to hear the sound of Mr. Rogers screaming.Oh , by the way , Mr. Rogers Is my personal patient that I take care of at his home now ,the screaming Is getting louder and louder.


I rush over to Mr. Rogers room, swing open the door and rush in to see what’s wrong. Maybe he fell over and hurt himself or maybe is having a heart attack. Mr. Rogers has had a past record of heart attacks.


Now I  I’m in the room “Where are you” I yell out: no answer I call his name a few times still: no answer at all, he’s not in his bed. I hear screaming coming from the back of the closet I look behind the pile of clothes. There, I find Mr. Rogers in a little ball still screaming.


I picked him up as I could I went to the gym when ever I could it really helped me relive some of my  stress. Working out helped me clear my mind completely, but lately no one has been able to watch him. They all were busy with something. Oh well at least I am getting paid. After I put Mr. Rogers in bed I tried asking him what he was yelling at last night :No answer . All he did was point to the door indicating me to leave and let him sleep for the night.


In the morning I woke up and made breakfast for he and I He say’s he isn’t hungry but I know he is just by the way he look’s at the food. We sit down and eat I try to get him to spit out what he saw but was still refusing to speak about it .


The rest of the day was normal but in a way It wasn’t when we were out for our daily walk Mr. Rogers started shaking and screaming out in public I started getting worried and  Mr. Rogers was starting to draw a crowd so I rushed him back to the house.


When we got back to the house, I asked him what he was doing. No answer ,so I took him to the hospital to see if something was wrong with him. On the ride there Mr. Rogers was having a complete meltdown like how his breakfast was cold and that the walk was to long and that he needs to  go to the pharmacy  to get more pills.


When we got to the hospital the doctors came to me and asked, “what’s wrong” I replied, “I have no idea” the doctors rushed Mr. Rogers to the emergency room as fast as they could and wanted to keep him there overnight to find out what was wrong with him. The nurse said, “that Mr. Rogers was on an overdose of medication” and that I could go home for the night.


I went back home to go look for his medication it’s not in the cabinet where I normally keep the pills I look in Mr. Rogers room and there I find the pills all over the floor and bed. My phone rings. It’s the hospital they inform me that Mr. Rogers passed away. I fall to my knees and say to my self sadly and quietly “he had nobody”.













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