February 11

The Self-absorbed Husky

The Self-absorbed Husky

When I opened my eyes all I saw was white. The weather was abominable.  Hello, I guess I should introduce myself before we get any further into my story, or whatever you would like to call this. I am a husky from Churchill, Canada. I have elegant, soft white fur. Every time  I am out strolling with my owner, a many people comment on my fur and how charming it is.  I am part of the fastest dogsled team in our area.  My owner has eleven other Alaskan and Siberian huskies. I am one of the lead dogs in the team (and an Alaskan Husky). We are usually out training, but unfortunately our owner is down with the common cold that has been going around.  All the other huskies think I am too self-centered and self-absorbed, which (they tell me) basically means the same thing. But, they wouldn’t tell me what it means.

When we are usually in competitions in Nunavut, I haven’t ever seen weather this bad. Unfortunately, I was left, abandoned some might say, outside. My owner kicked me out after I bit his friend coming to deliver some chicken noodle soup. He gave me a good reason though. He stepped on my fluffy white tail. It wasn’t my fault he just stepped on me like a blind person with no walking stick. Trust me, he had well working eyes.

Inch by inch I started maneuvering my way out from under the snow covered deck where I had been hiding.  I stuck my warm, pink tongue out into the cold and snow. A crisp snowflake landed on my tongue but dissolved quickly. I took a deep breath in, my organs felt as if a thick layer of ice started to cover them like a quilt your grandmother made for you ten years ago.

Then, I gained the courage, and pounced into the raunchy but beautiful weather. The snow made a crisp crunch when I landed into the numbing flakes.  When the snow hit my beautiful fur, it attached to it like a baby baboon to their mother. The snow felt like feathers but were as cold as icicles. I ran around the snow for a while after that.

The snow finally calmed down into a little pour, but by this point I was quite chilled.  Luckily, I am used to being as cold as an ice statue from all the sprinting through wicked winds and pelting snow.  I looked behind me and I couldn’t see the house or the deck I was under just a few minutes ago. I decided not to panic and just kept walking until I found something I recognized. I couldn’t see what direction I came from since my tracks had disappeared.

I saw one tree in the distance. It was slanted a bit to the right after those howling winds came through. It probably would have been wiped of its spruce needles if the weather hadn’t concluded as fast as it started.  I quickly accelerated toward it.  The tree stated growing in size as I kept running toward it’s direction.  I could now spot that there was a little grassy patch underneath the tree were the snow didn’t fall. It was a miracle that there could still be some grass in Churchill in winter anyway.

I finally made it to my destination. After a little run compared to training season, (which is every season here).  I started thinking about my team and the other dogs, thinking if they would call me that hideous word… self-centered. Well, I started slowing down: I was thinking about my team some more. I thought about how I was always not hated, but disliked.  They would always try to be nice to me and I believed it. Now that I had time to really think about, they were just good actors.

I slipped past the low hanging branches of the spruce tree. I plopped myself down on the ground continuing my train of thought. I never felt left out before. It was after I started getting compliments all the time. I guess I started feeling better then the other dogs. I started thinking it was their fault for not being admirable enough, that must be it.  My eyelids started feeling heavy and closing. I gave in and took a long-deserved nap.


It took me a while for my eyes to adjust. I blinked a few times, but my vision was blurred and unclear.  It sounded like tires spinning underneath me. I heard loud barking and bashing of metal.  I saw bars in front of my face and I heard voices start yelling something I couldn’t understand. I started getting cold and was feeling like something was making me drowsy. I heard a familiar voice call out to me before I  passed out.

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