February 6

The Robot Cow

Jon retired from being a mechanic three year ago, now he is 67 and doing great, because he just finished a project he has been working on since he retired; the first and only Robot Cow.


Jon just turned on the switch to turn the Robot Cow on when he saw that he left the garage door open. Jon quickly went for the switch to put the door down but just before he did that, the cow came to life, and ran out of Jon’s garage, and down his driveway.


Jon Jumped up, and got into his truck and went after the cow, but once he got out of his driveway he saw the cow run into the bush.


Jon drove up to spot were the cow had run into the bush, but the Robot Cow was nowhere to be seen and it was getting dark. He decided to just go home and get up at sunrise to look for the cow.


Jon could not sleep that night. He was too busy thinking of things that could happen, like what if it got in with the next door neighbours cows? But, they would sooner or later notice that it was not eating, and they would bring it in to give it a needle and they wouldn’t be able to get the needle through the cow’s titanium body and they would call him about it, then all would be fine. But, nothing that lucky ever happens.


The next morning, Jon got up and went straight out to look for that Robot Cow. He went into the bush in the spot he saw it go in. Jon walked in about 60 meters when he saw a glint of shine. Hope filled his body. But, when he got up to it, his heart dropped into his toes. The Robot Cow had bullet holes in it!


Just ahead a robot hunter was hiding in the brush. The robot hunter was made by Tim, Jon’s crazy evil brother!


Jon didn’t see the robot hunter sitting in the brush. He was too mad to think about looking for someone with a gun. One thing Jon didn’t understand is why someone would shoot at a cow, because that’s what they probably thought it was. Jon didn’t know though that it was the robot hunter who shot his robot cow.


Jon went back to his house to pick up his tractor, so he could get the Robot cow. When Jon got back, he assessed the damage on the cow. He knew he couldn’t fix it


Jon was down, and very sad, even though it was a robot and not a real animal, it felt like one to Jon, and he had worked on it for three years of his life!


Three months later


Jon is now trying to find a project that he can incorporate parts from the robot cow into.

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