October 12

One sided reffing!

Last night the jets were playing the predators, it was a good game lots of penalties against the jets.

There was a big scrap and out of that only jets players got penalties and i am pretty sure that if your fighting both guys should go to the box or no guys not just one guy from the same team that has been given so many penalties

I have to give it to the jets they held up against a 5 on 3 and the other team didn’t score. So that means the jets are good.

I think all referees should not give so may penalties to one team when the other team deserves penalties. i think it should be changed

I think when Tyler Myers got that penalty i think he deserved it because he was being mouthy and that’s just not right to do that stuff, but sometimes you are so mad things just happen.

Jacob Trouba did deserve that penalty but then after a guy hit Ehlers from behind

this is my opinion so don’t yell at me or get mad because this is what i think.


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1 thoughts on “One sided reffing!

  1. Jay Ewert

    First off. Absolutely! I was thinking the same thing when I was watching the game. Loving this post. I especially like that you included a video to keep your reading running on interest. Well done!


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