May 24

Science – Water Pressure – Discrepant Events

Today we are observing some discrepant events.  The students are to observe, discuss, identify key points, and then explain using scientific-based knowledge.

For each of the experiments students are to create an exit slip that has:

  • What I already know (or what I think) about this is…
  • My hypothesis is that…because…
  • My observations about the experiment are…
  • In conclusion:
    • revisit hypothesis
    • explain observations
    • what I learned

Students will have a total of two exit slips (one for each discrepant event shown in class).

Mr. Ewert will give access to the lesson plans for this lesson.  They will be on the shared drive. So, if you missed class or don’t quite understand some of the concepts you can visit the shared drive to see what you missed.

Discrepant Event #1 – Air pressure displacement (2 videos)


Discrepant Event #2 – Varying Gravity and Pressure

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