October 14

Image result for Full gorilla suitImage result for Donald Trump Mask\Zombama Obama Zombie Costume Mask2 Days ago on October.11th I thought about what I wanted to be for Halloween. This took me 40 minutes to decide what I really wanted to be. Some of the sites I visited to find the best costume were.. Party Stuff, Spirit Halloween, and some others my mom suggested. The Pictures as shown are the top 3 I chose from the 5 I thought would look the best. I asked my uncle which one I should be. He glanced at “Zombama” and laughed and he also thought the rest were pretty funny as well. I  finally came to a decision and decided I would be a Gorilla.

October 7


Image result for interlake thunder football



on Tuesday and Thursday I had football practice in Stonewall and Selkirk. the team I play for is the Interlake thunder. we have won three games and lost four but are last league game is on Saturday October 8. we play all the city teams from Winnipeg in are age group. if you live in Manitoba and want to play football you should check out the Interlake thunder are seasons go from July to the end of October.

October 6

Blue Jays baseball

imageThe baseball playoffs have just started and the Blue Jays are in it.  In this post I will tell you how they have done so far.

Thier first game was on Tuesday, October 4, against the Baltimore Orials. It was a wild card game so whoever won would move on to the playoffs. They won 5-2 in extra innings and Edwin  Encarnacion got the winning home run.

On Thursday, October 6 , they played against the Texas Rangers. They destroyed them 10-1.

Each round is a best of 7 and considering the last game I suspect they will win the round.