September 30

The Maze Runner Trilogy

This  my  my  week  I  read  the  Maze  Runner  Trilogy.  I  found  out about  it  from  a  recommendation  by  Mr.Ewert.  The  three  books are  The  Maze  Runner,  The  Scorch  Trials,  and  the  Death Cure. They  were  written  by  James  Dashner. The book takes place in the far future.

Here is a quick summary of the three. One day, without warning, massive sun flares hit the earth, killing millions and  burning up a large percentage of the earth, releasing a disease called the flare. The flare eats at a persons mind, making them in-human. A group called Wicked has taken around 100 children, wiped their memories and put them through 3 different phases to evoke all their emotions and see how they react, most of them very horrible to try and get a blueprint of their brain and find a cure. But with almost the whole world cranks (people with the flare), Wicked still does not have a cure and are getting desperate, will anyone survive? You will have to read them to find out!

As Mr.Ewert said, this is “good trash.” What happened in this book could happen but not there is no chance for a looong time.

I liked these books because it is like a big mystery because for almost the whole time they don’t know quite what is going on, only that they are being tested and always want to escape. Also, it has some scenes that are pretty scary, and all of the characters have a distinct personality. There is some humour, and the author is pretty tough on some of the characters.

in conclusion, I think this was a fun read and I could not stop reading it. I would recommend it to you.

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