September 29

image13th Zodiac sign added!!

Some say it’s real, some say it’s fake and others think that it only applies to people from this day forward. NASA has added a 13th Zodiac sign.

I personally think that everyone born from this day forwards zodiac signs should change. I believe that someone can’t just change who you are because they feel like adding a new zodiac sign! I think who you are is who you will always be and no one can change that.

Some other people I talked to believe that it’s all just a myth, history, or it doesn’t exist. Other people believe it is extremely real and are bummed because of the sign they have now, which in their opinion, isn’t as good as the one they had before.

The 13th zodiac sign is called the Ophiuchus.Β This is a very fortunate sign. If you are an Ophiuchus some things that this sign says about you is that you are very wise, secretive, rebellious, naturally likeable, empathetic etc. If your birthday falls between November 30th- December 17th, you are an Ophiuchus.

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