May 5

Zombie – Analyzing Maps to Find Where to Go

16.05.04 zombie regions map of the united statesToday we are looking at different types of maps to decide where is a good place to start in the zombie apocalypse.  To do this students must decide what information they need by choosing different types of maps of the United States.  Some suggestions might include…

  • Physical Maps
  • Satellite Maps
  • Resource Maps
  • Road Maps
  • Political Maps
  • Topographical Maps
  • Conservation Maps
  • Various GIS Maps
  • …and many more.

Students are to print up their maps and label the areas that they are indicating may be beneficial depending on their analysis of that type of map.  They will hand in the assignment alongside the 4 maps they have chosen.

Students are to analyze and reflect on a minimum of 4 maps.  Download a copy of the assignment to begin.

16.05.04 zombie – justify your region

May 3

Zombie Geography – Identifying Structures by Satellite

Today we are identifying structures of major cities using satellite images to guide our way.  To do this students will have to make a master map for their project that shows their ability to incorporate proper map elements.

Download a copy of the assignment here.

16.05.04 zombie – identifying structures by night satelite

Use the satellite imagery below to help you with this assignment

16.05.04 zombie regions map of the united states