November 9

Descriptive writing assignment


Today we started a descriptive writing assignment. We got together in partners and tried to share simple drawings with each other without looking at them. To do this we would do a very simple drawing with simple shapes. Then we would sit back to back and partners and describe the drawing to the other person. The other person would listen carefully and then draw that drawing. Although it first students think this will be an easy exercise it often proves difficult as you must be very descriptive and clear in your communication to make it work.

The second part of this assignment is the written portion. Students are to create a simple picture of their own creative mind and then write descriptive paragraphs that clearly indicates to their audience how to recreate the picture they have drawn. A student must be clear and descriptive in order for this to work. Students will be assessed by handing in their work to Mr Ewert. Mr Ewert will attempt to recreate the picture they have described. They will receive a mark based on how closely to the original picture Mr Ewert as the audience is able to recreate it.

November 5

Sci – 9 am


Please respond to the 9 a.m. exit slip written in this picture. This is related to the activity we did at the end of Wednesday when we ripped paper into small pieces and discuss whether or not the mass or volume had changed. You might remember that we discussed it had not changed because of the makeup of the paper being particles.

November 3

My Journal Post about Liam’s Cake Smash

I chose this journal entry to share for ELA because I always like to share personal things in my writing like stuff about my family.

One thing I did well in this journal entry is I included pictures and a video to get the reader’s interest.

One thing I could have done better is maybe ask the audience if they have events in their lives that are similar or maybe ask them what they think.  Then they might have more personal interest.


Here is a link to the original post for you to read.


November 3

portfolio E.L.A skills


the reason I chose this assignment is because I thought I did good on everything (expect for the triangle at the back)

something I could have done better on was the triangle at the back I could have finished the back completely

I am proud of this assignment because I tried to do everything as good as I could have (expect for the back)


November 2

Discovery Science – Essential Questions to Answer

discovery scienceIn Discovery Science (there was a handy link to that page there if you missed it) you have an assignment to take notes on all the available resources and then answer the questions.

What you will be handing in:

  • One copy of your one-note document that includes all the documents you felt helped you to answer the questions
  • One good copy of your official responses to the questions.  This should include answers to the questions that are directly based on the research shown in your one-note document.

Note: Your One-note document cannot be just printed as it will likely have videos, links, or more in it.  As well, you might also want to do your official responses in one-note (like if you chose to press record and say your responses to the questions).  Since you can’t just print that stuff you will have to post it digitally either on your blog or by uploading it to your Edsby submission.

Here is a copy of the questions: Hint, you could copy and paste these into a word document and start your official answers there.

Essential Questions:

  • What are molecules made of and what are their properties?
  • How are compounds different from the elements from which they are formed?
  •      What is a molecule?
  •      What are some examples of molecules?
  •      What does a molecule look like?
  •      Are all molecules also compounds?
  •      Can you see molecules?
  •      How do the properties of compounds compare to the properties of the elements from which
  •      they are made?
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November 2

Portfolio Time!

Screen-shot-2013-07-06-at-9_24_31-AMIt’s that time of year again when we show our stuff to the people at home with a showcase of our learning.  This year you have the advantage of having an online option for your portfolio!  When your family is here to visit the classroom you are going to show them…

  • Where and how to find your blog
    • Your Portfolio blog page that has links to each assignment you have chosen to share.
    • You show them how they can click through your portfolio page and then allow them to look around
  • Where and how to find and get into Edsby
    • You will show them the link to Edsby instructions on your blog page.   (You need to include a link to this document in your portfolio page so download it here 15.09.09 edsby login newsletter to add in).
      • Now click it and show them around…
        • Where do you find your assignments?
        • Where are your comments?
        • Where are your current assessments found?
  • Show them how Office 365 works…
    • Log in
    • Tell them how you can install at home.
    • Show them how it all links with your one drive cloud computing platform.

Checklist to completed portfolio

  • You have chosen one assignment from each of the core subjects (English, Social Studies, Math, and Science) to show your family.
  • You have made a separate blog entry for each of those assignments.
    • Each of them is associated with a picture on your blog page so that it looks appealing.
    • Each of them should also include a write-up that shares…
      1. Why you chose this piece.
      2. What you did well in this assignment.
      3. What you could have done better on it or will do better in the future on assignments similar to this one.
  • You have a link to the Edsby instructions so your parents know how to use Edsby.
  • You also have a direct link to to follow.
  • You have a direct link to where you log into your office 365.
  • You have a direct link to sumdog and spelling city to show them those tools.
    • Did you notice that I included all those links right within my text making it easy for you to find them all?

Don’t forget: Student-led conferences begin on Wednesday night so this all must be completed before then.

If you don’t want to do a digital portfolio, then you can use the old templates on paper.

14.04.15 my goals as a student

14.04.15 welcome to our classroom

14.04.16 Assignments I am proud of (remember that you need one of these reflections for each of your assignments you chose for your portfolio)

14.04.16 Assignment I Could Have Done Better On