November 9

Descriptive writing assignment


Today we started a descriptive writing assignment. We got together in partners and tried to share simple drawings with each other without looking at them. To do this we would do a very simple drawing with simple shapes. Then we would sit back to back and partners and describe the drawing to the other person. The other person would listen carefully and then draw that drawing. Although it first students think this will be an easy exercise it often proves difficult as you must be very descriptive and clear in your communication to make it work.

The second part of this assignment is the written portion. Students are to create a simple picture of their own creative mind and then write descriptive paragraphs that clearly indicates to their audience how to recreate the picture they have drawn. A student must be clear and descriptive in order for this to work. Students will be assessed by handing in their work to Mr Ewert. Mr Ewert will attempt to recreate the picture they have described. They will receive a mark based on how closely to the original picture Mr Ewert as the audience is able to recreate it.

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