May 12

ELA – Quickwrite

Quick-WriteToday we are working on a quickwrite.  Students are to choose one of the options below and create a quickwrite in proper paragraph form.  Students should refer to the 6 writing traits rubric to see how they will be scored on this written piece.

Quickwrite options:

1. When I become an adult this is what I will be like

2. The proudest moment of my life

3. The best things to watch on television are

4. I don’t care what you think, this is something I really like.


see the rubric

14.09.10 writing traits rubric a

May 12

Social Studies – Canada a People’s Journey – Episode 11

Today students watched “Canada: A People’s Journey – Episode 11”. This video covers the late 1900-early 20th century when there was an incredible influx of population into Canada and industry changed the face of Canada.  Students have questions related to the video to complete.

Download a copy of the assignment

15.05.12 Canada a People’s History Episode 11 Questions

Watch the video from class

May 11

ELA – TED Talks – 3D printing and beyond

Today we watched a TED Talk about 3D printing to get a primer on the initial concept.  Students are to represent the TED Talk subject by using a graphic organizer we call the “inverted triangle”.  This graphic organizer is used to record ideas in the order from the largest idea to the smallest.  Whilst watching the video students took notes on the ideas being represented.  Mr. Ewert modelled this note-taking on the board as we watch the TED Talk.

writing - graphic organizer - inverted triangleThe assignment: Students are to take their notes, use them to fill out the inverted triangle graphic organizer and finally, to write a summary about the topic presented.  Students are to use the rubric provided to assess their performance on this assignment.  When handing it in they will hand in their notes, the inverted triangle graphic organizer, their write-up about the topic and a copy of the rubric (filled out)

Download a copy of the inverted triangle below

triangle – important points to fine details

Download a copy of the rubric

rubric – graphic organizer writing

Watch the TED Talk in class

Check out these other interesting TED Talks about 3D printing (if you are interested in learning more)

Visit to find 1000s of interesting talks like this ones.

May 7

Social Studies – The Newcomers

social studies - influx immigrationToday we discussed the reasons why people flooded into Canada at the end of the 19th century (the 1800s).  During that time there was a sudden influx of immigrants that shaped the multi-cultural face of Canada forever which created the conditions for our modern day cultural mosaic that is contemporary Canada.

Download a copy of ch. 5 of the textbook “The Newcomers” to read about this section of Canadian history.

15.04.28 ch. 5

Download a copy of the assignment including the previewing questions and during reading sections.  Students are to complete these prior to the due date on Edsby.

15.05.07 ch 5 preview and during reading activities

May 5

Writing With the Senses

writing 5 sensesToday we are focusing on including the senses and descriptive adjectives in our writing.  Students are to choose a place and time and then record the 5 senses present there.  After coming up with a list of adjectives they “paint a picture” of the scene with words.

download a copy of the assignment materials below

115.05.05 senses writing

see the webpage we viewed on line

Assignment: once you have completed the provided organizers use all your suggestions to write descriptive paragraphs to share about the place and time you have chosen.