May 13

TED Talk – The Marshmallow Test

Today we watched videos about the famous Marshmallow Test which is a test of delayed vs. immediate gratification.  This was a longitudinal psychology examination comparing early delayed gratification and later success in life.  Students are to write a response to these videos by choosing a format to write in, completing a graphic organizer of all their ideas and then writing a paragraph format response based on the graphic organizer they have chosen.

Graphic organizers to consider using:

graphic organiers - flow timeline  Comparative:  Use this graphic organizer if you are comparing two items such as the kids who ate the marshmallow vs the kids who don’t

venn (comparative graphic organizer link)

graphic organiers - persuasivePersuasive: Use this organizer if you are sharing a personal opinion about the topic and trying to convince your reader to think as you do about the topic.  For example if you are…

  • arguing that this experiment is great and measures future success
  • if you disagree and think this experiment is wrong
  • if you think that all people should take the experiment
  • if you want to share what you think you would have done if you were part of the experiment and why
  • …and many more

persuasion – persuasive writing mind map

graphic organiers - vennTimeline/Cause and Effect:  Use this organizer if you are writing about how one thing affects the next thing in a timeline showing how one event causes the next.  Choose this one if you are writing about…

  • how the children’s actions may have affected their behaviour in future events resulting in successes or failures
  • how scientists might use these types of studies to come up with their theories
  • …and many more.

flow – timeline writing

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