November 4

Portfolios – What You Will Need

portfolioWith Student-led Conferences around the corner (starting tomorrow night) we will need to complete the following tasks.

14.04.16 Assignments I am proud of

14.04.16 Assignment I Could Have Done Better On

14.04.15 my goals as a student

  1. Goals As A Student: You are to complete some personal goals as a student to include in your portfolio (these are the orange sheets)
  2. Pieces To Be Proud OF: Have 1 piece ready from each subject including Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.
  3. Piece I Could Have Done Better On: You will need to choose one assignment that you could have done better on to share with your parents. This could be from any subject area.
  4. Complete reflections for each assignment: These are the yellow forms for each of the “proud” ones and an green one for the “…better” one.  These are to be completely filled in with detailed sentences to explain each piece.
  5. Put It All Together: All pieces and reflections must be stored neatly in your duotang in this order…(welcome, goals, proud #1, reflection, proud #2, reflection, and so on with the “better” assignment at the end)
  6. Are You Doing A Video?: If you finish all this early and want to make a video presentation to post to your blog you can do it now.


Suggestions for what assignment you can put in each subject:

  •  Math – your paper slide video or any paper assignment you have that represents your ability in Math
  • English Language Arts – any blog assignment that shows your writing ability such as your Jabber critique, an item online you wanted to share, a reading reflection, or more…
  • Social Studies – a news article to share on your blog or a weekly news or other news reflection.  If you have finished your “What Does It Take to Put a Country Together” assignment you might include that one.
  • Science – you can either include your current notes and essential questions on animal diversity or you can include your responses from the video watched in class today.


November 3

Social Studies Notes and Portfolio Reflections

Students have been reading, discussing, and taking notes on Ch. 1 of our Social Studies textbook (You can access Ch. 1 of the textbook and our notes by clicking the links below)can map 1867

14.09.15 text pages 12-21

14.09.22 Social Studies text p.12-21 – notes for students

Students are to finish taking the notes provided to be ready for our discussion tomorrow.  All notes must be taken in handwritten format and stored safely in Social Studies binders or duotangs.

Once students have completed taking their notes they are to work on their written portfolio reflections.  Handouts for these can be accessed through Mr. Ewert or by downloading copies of them from the links below.

14.04.16 Assignments I am proud of

14.04.16 Assignment I Could Have Done Better On

14.04.15 my goals as a student