November 3

Social Studies Notes and Portfolio Reflections

Students have been reading, discussing, and taking notes on Ch. 1 of our Social Studies textbook (You can access Ch. 1 of the textbook and our notes by clicking the links below)can map 1867

14.09.15 text pages 12-21

14.09.22 Social Studies text p.12-21 – notes for students

Students are to finish taking the notes provided to be ready for our discussion tomorrow. ย All notes must be taken in handwritten format and stored safely in Social Studies binders or duotangs.

Once students have completed taking their notes they are to work on their written portfolio reflections. ย Handouts for these can be accessed through Mr. Ewert or by downloading copies of them from the links below.

14.04.16 Assignments I am proud of

14.04.16 Assignment I Could Have Done Better On

14.04.15 my goals as a student

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