October 20

Jibber “Jabber” – The Words We Will Need to Know

vocabularyWhen we see the play “Jabber” at MTYP (Manitoba Theatre for Young people) there will be many words that may be new to us. Β Take a look at the list of words below.

In your assignment you will be assigned a word from the list of words from the play. Your job is to…

  • Find a definition of that word on the internet.
  • Copy and paste that definition in a word document
  • Make a new definition in your own words titled “My Definition”. Β (this is also written in the word document)
  • Write a sample sentence using that word. (this is also written in the word document)
  • Make all the print in your word document to be 18 point so it can easily be seen and read.
  • Print up the definition, your definition, and the sample sentence and hand in to Mr. Ewert for our word wall. *See the example below


Web Definition

Religion: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

My Definition

Religion: When people believe in a God or many gods that have power in the universe.Β  Religion usually includes a form of church, temple, or other meeting place that has common beliefs and rules.


Christianity is a religion that believes in a single God.

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