June 16

My Idol; Larry Enticer

My idol is Larry Enticer, he drives an old Yamaha snowmobile called a super twin it has a 340cc motor and is pretty slow but he makes do with what he has. He is good for Canada because he shows how tough and fearless us Canadians are. Larry has a mullet a denim jacket and some really cool yellow sunglasses. One of his main sayings is “gonna be a good day, just gonna send it”.

The reason i like him is because he is a cool guy,  and he also rides a dirt bike and its funny to watch a grown man do every thing wrong and surprisingly not crash. 69 world tour.

June 9

my new dirt bike

It is a 2008 kx85 2-stroke with a manual clutch and 6 gears, it is lime green and is very fast. i just got it about a month ago and have crashed it already.  The dirt bike as Dominator bars, a FMF exhaust, factory effects seat and FC mods air forks. i have been to a track with it in Tuelon. it was fun and i felt like i was going fast but i jumped too far on a jump called a triple and i hit the top of the third jump  and almost fell over the front. The End

May 24

Science – Water Pressure – Discrepant Events

Today we are observing some discrepant events.  The students are to observe, discuss, identify key points, and then explain using scientific-based knowledge.

For each of the experiments students are to create an exit slip that has:

  • What I already know (or what I think) about this is…
  • My hypothesis is that…because…
  • My observations about the experiment are…
  • In conclusion:
    • revisit hypothesis
    • explain observations
    • what I learned

Students will have a total of two exit slips (one for each discrepant event shown in class).

Mr. Ewert will give access to the lesson plans for this lesson.  They will be on the shared drive. So, if you missed class or don’t quite understand some of the concepts you can visit the shared drive to see what you missed.

Discrepant Event #1 – Air pressure displacement (2 videos)


Discrepant Event #2 – Varying Gravity and Pressure

May 19

I have recently started watching the show Riverdale on Netflix. I really enjoy it because it is based on the old Archie comics I used to read when I was younger. The main characters are Archie played by KJ Apa, Betty Cooper played by Lili Reinhart, Veronica Lodge played by Camila Mends, Cheryl Blossom played by Madelaine Petsch. Just to name a few of the characters.

Riverdale got a rating of 89% on rotten tomatoes. My personal description, the murder of Jason Blossom leaves the town of riverdale in shock. The first season the main goal was to find who was responsible for the murder of Jason blossom.

I would say the genera is teen drama. I really enjoyed this show and I cant wait for the next season.

May 19

Fidget Spinners (Micro Blog)

Today I am blogging about fidget spinners. I like using them because I find they help me focus. some people can not handle them because they just get distracted and use it as a toy. now it is a toy and I play with mine a lot but during school I just spin it while I work.

Right now I have a blue one that glows in the dark and its pretty good. I am getting a rainbow one that just looks normal and I am also getting a gold one that has spikes on it.  My blue one that I have has ball bearings in it but the two that I am getting have ceramic bearings.

Here’s the differences about ceramic and ball bearings:

Ball Bearings:                                  Ceramic Bearings:

*Spin decently well                          *Spin Very well

*Can get wet                                     *cant get wet

* Okay Bearings                                * great bearings

* once rusted there finished           * once rusted its finished

*can not be greased                          * can be greased


This is the end of my blog. Bye!

May 19

Roids Vro!

            There is no way someone can like looking like that. He reminds me of the really strong crab from sponge bob with the massive chest. If i walked by that guy on  the street i would try to find a needle to poke him with, just so i could watch all of the oils drip out. He would look like he has a storage pocket on each arm. Also he could use that as a homemade wing suit for jumping off cliffs.
           What if this guy has really worked out all of the time 24/7 for 35 years and is the worlds strongest man, that will be a question that will be never answered. another possible thing is that he takes 10 roids a day so people think he is strong.