October 19

Visual Art – The Sketchy Kind

Assignment  – Students were asked to create 3 samples of each facial feature with at least sample from an original source.

Click on the links below for instructional videos on drawing facial features.











October 17

Public speaking

I’ve always had a hard time with public speaking but I think that over the past few years I think that I’ve gotten better at it. I mean I still get nervous and my voice gets a little shaky but that’s just a thing that happens. So if you are like me I think befor your about to go up in front of people or the class and just take a second and take some deep breaths and relax. And after no matter if you did great or you messed it all up don’t worry, and just breathe.

September 13

First Math Assignment – Patterns in Division

Today we started talking about division and how there are certain patterns to figure out if a number is divisible by another number. We started with some division drills and then moved on to the assignment in the link below.  It can be found in our textbooks in the classroom but this pdf will work as well.  Also, Mr. Ewert has provided copies of this assignment and they can be found on the Math shelf at the back of the classroom.

17.09.13 gr 7 – 1.1 – patterns in division – p6-2j77xba


Remember that you can also complete the Sumdog challenge called “Dividing up the spoils” on sumdog.