February 15


What if I told you people are different in their own ways, and what if I told you that some people are born different than other people, would you make it a big deal?

There is this man named Robert Hoge and he was born different. When he was born on July 23,1972, his legs were different; the right leg was only three-quarters the size of his left leg. In the hospital he was born, his mom and dad saw him but then Robert’s mom said ’’I wanted a normal baby because it is my birthday tomorrow, so take him away’’ and so the doctors took Robert and his mother was crying.

When Robert’s mother was out of the hospital, she told all four of the kid’s she had a baby boy, but he was born different from them, so she said’’ do you want me to bring him home,’’ the kids said ’’yes,’’ so they went the next day.

When they got to the hospital, they went to his room and said to the doctors ‘’we will keep him after all of the surgeries’’, so they were waiting for him to be done with all the face surgery’s.

When Robert was able to get out of the hospital, the parents went to go get him and told the kids to be nice to him. Once Robert came home, he was happy to be home and was able to go outside for the first time out of the hospital.

February 14

The Town of Mystery


Once upon a time there was a town. This town was called Barista town. Everyone admired this town, and plenty of people visited. One day people stopped admiring the town, and it had fewer visitors every day. Eventually there were only a few people left, and they never knew why the other had left.

The Woman at The Door

Moxie Madison was one of the very few people left in town. She wasn’t your typical fifteen-year-old girl. She had a passion, a passion for

detective work. Moxie sat on the floor of her bedroom reading one of

her favorite books “The Life of a Detective”. She brushed her pink-streaked blonde hair out of her face and kept reading. A few minutes later she heard a knock on the door. Moxie sighed who could be brothering her at this hour.

Moxie walked downstairs to the front door and opened it. A tall, pale faced woman stood in the door-way. “Hello there,” the women said in a soft tone. “Who are you?” Moxie asked, “Charlotte Alton,” she replied. As soon as charlotte had said her name Moxie recognized her right away. She was a famous detective. Earlier that month Moxie had signed up to be her apprentice. “Are your parent’s home?” Charlotte asked “No” replied Moxie. “Well then, out of the many people that signed up to be my apprentice, I picked you, and for one reason only. You see, I found this in the park”.

Charlotte held up a piece of lined paper covered in words. Moxie froze. That was a paper from her notebook, a notebook she wrote everything in. “Where did you get that?” Moxie asked in complete shock. “I found it in the park” said Charlotte “I was going for my usual afternoon walk when a paper blew into my face. I sat on a bench and read it, and it told me your all about your passion for detective work, your name and address, and of a mystery you want to solve- the mystery of this town. I recognized your name from the list of potential apprentices for me, and thought you were the kid I was looking for”. Moxie was shocked, her heart raced with excitement but the only words that came out of her mouth were. “What do you mean I’m the kid you’re looking for?” “I mean I’m a detective and I need an apprentice” Charlotte responded. “Exactly what would I be doing?” Moxie asked “I would teach you a thing or two about detective work by solving that mystery you want to solve” said Charlotte.

There was an awkward silence in the room as Moxie thought whether she should go with Charlotte and be her apprentice. It was like Moxie had a devil and an angel on each of her shoulders, and they were telling her opposite things do. Finally, she came to a conclusion. “I guess I’ll go, but I’ll have to leave a note for my parents to tell them where I’ve gone” said Moxie.

“Alright, you’d better go pack up your stuff” replied Charlotte with a smile. Moxie ran upstairs to her room, grabbed her trunk, packed it with all the essentials and ran back down. She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a quick note to her parents. Moxie and Charlotte walked out the door. “A lot can happen when you answer the door”, Moxie thought to herself.

The Brew-Inn

Outside there was a taxi parked in Moxie’s driveway. They climbed in and Charlotte said to the driver, “to the Brew-Inn please”. “Is that where we’re staying?” Moxie asked. “Yes, I have a room booked for us”, replied Charlotte. They drove down the abandoned streets and past a few cars until they reached the Brew-Inn.

As soon as they walked inside, it smelled like something had died in there. They walked up to the front desk. The man there looked older and wore round spectacles. It looked like he was deep in thought, and he had a lazy eye drifting off every now and then. Moxie felt bad disturbing the man from his thought, but Charlotte showed no emotion. She hit the bell quite loudly to break the man’s reverie.

“Who’s there?” he asked, surprised anyone still came to the hotel. “It’s Charlotte,” She said like she didn’t like the man. “I knew you would come back,” the man said to Charlotte. Finally, the man handed Charlotte the key to the room, and they headed upstairs.

Inside the room was a simple layout. There were two side-by-side beds with a bedside table separating them.  Moxie laid her trunk on the floor next to the bed and unpacked. “What are we going to do now?” Moxie asked. “Get a good night’s rest,” replied Charlotte.

Barista Town Library

The next morning Moxie awoke to a loud beeping noise. “What time is it?” she groaned. “7:00am,” Charlotte said “Why are we waking up so early? “Asked Moxie with a yawn. “If you want to solve this mystery, its better to start early” said Charlotte. While they were eating breakfast downstairs, they made a plan about what to do. “Where do you think answers will be held?” Asked Charlotte “Maybe the library,” Moxie said. “Then let’s head to the Barista town Library” said Charlotte.

Everything inside the library was covered in dust, and it looked abandoned. A librarian sat at her desk typing away on a computer. “Excuse me,” said Charlotte. “Oh, hello,” the librarian said in a soft librarian voice. “Could you direct us to the aisle on the history of the town?” Asked Charlotte. The librarian pointed to a corner. “Over there,” she replied. “Thank you,” said Charlotte.

They walked over to the aisle and sat down at a table. “To solve a mystery we need to start at its roots. This town used to be a town that everyone admired and loved until one day people stopped coming,” Charlotte said. “So the question is, why did people like the town so much and then suddenly stop liking it?” Moxies interrupted, “but wait. How come a few people stayed? “I don’t know. Let’s try and find a book that tells us what was so popular about Barista town”.

Moxie and Charlotte looked through the whole aisle and found nothing. They tried a different aisle, but they found nothing that was related to what they wanted to find. “It’s like someone doesn’t want us to find out what was so popular about the town,” Charlotte told Moxie after hours of searching.

Moxie glanced over and saw the librarian sipping a cup of coffee, and it made the wheels in her brain turn. “Everything that we have found is Coffee related; all the books, the hotel, half the stores…even the town name is coffee related!” Moxie said in anger. “Wait a second, Coffee!” Charlotte said excitedly. “What about it?” Moxie asked. “Everyone loved the town because of its Coffee! I remember when I was a little girl my parents would always go down to the coffee shop because the coffee was so good!” Exclaimed Charlotte. “Is the coffee shop still here?” Moxie asked. “I don’t know, but we can check,” Charlotte responded. “What’s it called?” Asked Moxie “I’m pretty sure it’s called ‘A Cup of Heaven’” said Charlotte

“Great, let’s get a taxi and…” Before Moxie could finish the librarian stormed towards them and yelled “Get out!” “Ok, OK”, Charlotte said, trying to calm her down. “Now!” yelled the librarian. They ran out before she slammed the door. Moxie called for a taxi and they got in.

“That was odd” Moxie said. She turned to her partner, and Charlottes face was pale, like she had just seen a ghost. “Charlotte?” Moxie asked. “That expression, that random anger… I’ve seen it before, on my parents.” Moxie tried asking Charlotte more questions, but she didn’t answer.

A Cup of Heaven

When they reached A Cup of Heaven, Moxie tried asking Charlotte more questions, and finally she responded. “What happened to your parents?” Moxie asked. Charlotte hesitated. “When I was around twelve, my parents started acting strange. They would fight a lot and yell at me even if I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was totally random, then one day when I came home from school, they were gone. I realized that other people where leaving the town too. So I made it my life’s work to find out why people were leaving the town so angry.” “Oh,” said Moxie, astonished by Charlotte’s story. “Let’s go inside, then” Charlotte said.

The inside of the coffee was very simple. There were wooden tables and chairs that were empty: they were completely alone.  A woman came out of the kitchen; she was a middle aged woman with strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes. “How may I help you?” she asked. “We’re looking for the owners,” Charlotte replied. “You’re looking at her” said the woman. “We came to ask you some questions” replied Moxie. “Why is that?” Asked the woman “I’m writing a piece for the ‘Barista Town News’ and this is my editor. She’s tagging along with me today,” Moxie said as she thought on her feet. “Ask away” said the owner. “Oh umm…” Charlotte elbowed Moxie and whispered, “I’ll ask the questions you follow along.” “I’ll ask the questions for today because my boss is coming down with a sore throat” said Charlotte, now speaking to the owner. “Alright” replied the woman.

“How long have you owned the coffee shop?” asked Charlotte. “About two decades,” she replied. “Do you know who owned it before you?” Charlotte asked “Yes, my parents actually,” the owner said. “Did they retire?” Charlotte questioned. “No, um… they died” said the woman sadly. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear…”

A man must have been listening to the conversation, because he ran in with an annoyed look on his face. It looked like he had been banged up over the years because he had a heavily scared face. His eyes where bright green.

“Hello” he said, “the name’s Doyll”. What are you doing with these girls Katie?” “I’m just answering the questions they have for me. They’re writing a piece for the ‘Barista Town News’”. “Who’s he?” Moxie asked. “This is my employee,” Katie said. “These questions seem a bit personal if you ask me,” Dyoll said. Katie ignored him “Let’s get on with the interview,” she said.

“I see where alone, is this place still a big hit?” Asked Charlotte “Over the year’s business started to slow down. We’re not able to get the same customer twice,” replied Katie. Dyoll started grinding his teeth, and then blurted out, “ok, I think that’s enough for today.” “No, I think we can carry on if they have more questions” Katie said. You could see Dyoll was starting to get on her nerves.

“I’ve been told that the coffee here is very good. What makes it so good?” Inquired Charlotte “My parents created a secret recipe and handed it down to me,” said Katie “then why is there less business if it’s the same recipe?” Asked Charlotte “I wouldn’t know. Dyoll here makes the coffee,” replied Katie “is he making the coffee differently?” Charlotte asked.

Moxie started looking back and forth between Dyoll and Katie. The two looked similar in a way. “Get out now!”  Dyoll yelled. “Dyoll, calm down!” Katie yelled back. Then the two started bickering like brother and sister.

“Before we get kicked out,” Moxie whispered to Charlotte, “don’t you think Dyoll and Katie’s eyes look a lot alike?” Charlotte glanced up at them. “They do! Their eyes are exactly the same”. “Are you related?” Charlotte asked them. Katie and Dyoll both looked up in shock “Dyoll and I related? I don’t think so,” Katie said. “Do you have any siblings?” “Get out now!” Dyoll yelled again. “That’s it, get back to work!” Katie said as she pointed to the kitchen. “No, you don’t understand!” Dyoll screamed. Katie pushed him and he fell into the kitchen, then she locked the kitchen door. “I’m sorry I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” she said, quite embarrassed, “where were we?”

The Older Brother

“I had just asked you if you had any siblings”. “Yes, an older brother. His name is Lloyd, but I don’t know where he is”. “Could you tell us more about your brother?” “My family has owned this Coffee shop for decades and the tradition was to hand over the shop to the eldest child, which changed when my brother started to act up. He always assumed the shop would be given to him. He called the customers names, and never bothered to help at all. I on the other hand, worked hard. When the day finally came to hand over the coffee shop to him, my parents refused. He locked himself up in his room for weeks, and at night I used to hear him talking to himself; it was like he was planning something. After a while, my parents decided to send him to military school to teach him some discipline. I never saw him again.” Tears started to run down her pale face.

“Did you say his name was Lloyd?” Moxie asked “Yes, why?” asked Katie “Because now that I know that, I figured out that Doyll is your brother,” Moxie said like it was obvious. By now Doyll was banging on the kitchen door yelling and screaming. “How can you prove that, little girl?” Katie asked. “Isn’t it obvious? You have the exact same eyes, and you said you brothers name was Lloyd. The letters rearranged in Lloyd is Doyll.”

The little colour Katie had in her face drained away, and without thinking she let Lloyd out of the kitchen. “Who are you?” she hollered, “I’m Doyll your employee” he said, a little panicked. “No your not, tell the truth!” Said Katie. “Fine, it’s finished anyway,” said Doyll/Lloyd “what’s finished?” All three girls said unison. “My plan to ruin this town.” He replied. “Explain” Charlotte said

The Plan

“After our parents decided to let Katie inherit the coffee shop, I knew I had to get revenge. All I needed was a plan. So before they sent me to military school, I devised one. After I found out that Mom and Dad were dead, I ran away from military school. I had second thoughts about coming back since you would probably recognize me. But I realized I had gotten so banged up at Military school you would never recognize me. Just to make sure you wouldn’t be suspicious, I rearranged the letters in my name to Dyoll. So I came back and got a job as an employee here. I made sure I would be making the coffee because that was the main point of my plan. I developed my own secret recipe; I put a sour solution in the coffee to make the customers sour and angry.” Said Lloyd. “Like my parents” Charlotte whispered to herself. “Since this place was so popular, I drove half the people out of the town, and that made this place go out of business. My work here is done.”


A New Detective

While Katie started chastising Lloyd, Charlotte called what was left of the police. That’s when Katie looked took a very close look at Lloyd. “It is you” she whispered to herself, like a small part of her still believed that it could’ve been a different man.

The police arrived a few minutes later and took Lloyd/Doyll away. Katie looked solemn, yet relieved. “I have a question though. Why didn’t it make the both of you sour and angry?” Moxie said as she looked at Charlotte and Katie. “I don’t drink coffee” they both said in unison. “Anyway, great job on piecing all that information together, Moxie” Charlotte said. “Thanks”. Said Moxie. “Well, now that nobody is putting sour solution in the coffee, the town should go back to being happy Barista town” Katie said happily. “Moxie here solved her first mystery. I guess that makes you a detective now. Well done.” Charlotte said. Moxie smiled “I couldn’t have solved it without you”.


By Francesca Avison

February 12

Dead Dreams by Brandon


Dead  Dreams

by Brandon


I wake up in the middle of the night only to hear the sound of Mr. Rogers screaming.Oh , by the way , Mr. Rogers Is my personal patient that I take care of at his home now ,the screaming Is getting louder and louder.


I rush over to Mr. Rogers room, swing open the door and rush in to see what’s wrong. Maybe he fell over and hurt himself or maybe is having a heart attack. Mr. Rogers has had a past record of heart attacks.


Now I  I’m in the room “Where are you” I yell out: no answer I call his name a few times still: no answer at all, he’s not in his bed. I hear screaming coming from the back of the closet I look behind the pile of clothes. There, I find Mr. Rogers in a little ball still screaming.


I picked him up as I could I went to the gym when ever I could it really helped me relive some of my  stress. Working out helped me clear my mind completely, but lately no one has been able to watch him. They all were busy with something. Oh well at least I am getting paid. After I put Mr. Rogers in bed I tried asking him what he was yelling at last night :No answer . All he did was point to the door indicating me to leave and let him sleep for the night.


In the morning I woke up and made breakfast for he and I He say’s he isn’t hungry but I know he is just by the way he look’s at the food. We sit down and eat I try to get him to spit out what he saw but was still refusing to speak about it .


The rest of the day was normal but in a way It wasn’t when we were out for our daily walk Mr. Rogers started shaking and screaming out in public I started getting worried and  Mr. Rogers was starting to draw a crowd so I rushed him back to the house.


When we got back to the house, I asked him what he was doing. No answer ,so I took him to the hospital to see if something was wrong with him. On the ride there Mr. Rogers was having a complete meltdown like how his breakfast was cold and that the walk was to long and that he needs to  go to the pharmacy  to get more pills.


When we got to the hospital the doctors came to me and asked, “what’s wrong” I replied, “I have no idea” the doctors rushed Mr. Rogers to the emergency room as fast as they could and wanted to keep him there overnight to find out what was wrong with him. The nurse said, “that Mr. Rogers was on an overdose of medication” and that I could go home for the night.


I went back home to go look for his medication it’s not in the cabinet where I normally keep the pills I look in Mr. Rogers room and there I find the pills all over the floor and bed. My phone rings. It’s the hospital they inform me that Mr. Rogers passed away. I fall to my knees and say to my self sadly and quietly “he had nobody”.












February 11

The Self-absorbed Husky

The Self-absorbed Husky

When I opened my eyes all I saw was white. The weather was abominable.  Hello, I guess I should introduce myself before we get any further into my story, or whatever you would like to call this. I am a husky from Churchill, Canada. I have elegant, soft white fur. Every time  I am out strolling with my owner, a many people comment on my fur and how charming it is.  I am part of the fastest dogsled team in our area.  My owner has eleven other Alaskan and Siberian huskies. I am one of the lead dogs in the team (and an Alaskan Husky). We are usually out training, but unfortunately our owner is down with the common cold that has been going around.  All the other huskies think I am too self-centered and self-absorbed, which (they tell me) basically means the same thing. But, they wouldn’t tell me what it means.

When we are usually in competitions in Nunavut, I haven’t ever seen weather this bad. Unfortunately, I was left, abandoned some might say, outside. My owner kicked me out after I bit his friend coming to deliver some chicken noodle soup. He gave me a good reason though. He stepped on my fluffy white tail. It wasn’t my fault he just stepped on me like a blind person with no walking stick. Trust me, he had well working eyes.

Inch by inch I started maneuvering my way out from under the snow covered deck where I had been hiding.  I stuck my warm, pink tongue out into the cold and snow. A crisp snowflake landed on my tongue but dissolved quickly. I took a deep breath in, my organs felt as if a thick layer of ice started to cover them like a quilt your grandmother made for you ten years ago.

Then, I gained the courage, and pounced into the raunchy but beautiful weather. The snow made a crisp crunch when I landed into the numbing flakes.  When the snow hit my beautiful fur, it attached to it like a baby baboon to their mother. The snow felt like feathers but were as cold as icicles. I ran around the snow for a while after that.

The snow finally calmed down into a little pour, but by this point I was quite chilled.  Luckily, I am used to being as cold as an ice statue from all the sprinting through wicked winds and pelting snow.  I looked behind me and I couldn’t see the house or the deck I was under just a few minutes ago. I decided not to panic and just kept walking until I found something I recognized. I couldn’t see what direction I came from since my tracks had disappeared.

I saw one tree in the distance. It was slanted a bit to the right after those howling winds came through. It probably would have been wiped of its spruce needles if the weather hadn’t concluded as fast as it started.  I quickly accelerated toward it.  The tree stated growing in size as I kept running toward it’s direction.  I could now spot that there was a little grassy patch underneath the tree were the snow didn’t fall. It was a miracle that there could still be some grass in Churchill in winter anyway.

I finally made it to my destination. After a little run compared to training season, (which is every season here).  I started thinking about my team and the other dogs, thinking if they would call me that hideous word… self-centered. Well, I started slowing down: I was thinking about my team some more. I thought about how I was always not hated, but disliked.  They would always try to be nice to me and I believed it. Now that I had time to really think about, they were just good actors.

I slipped past the low hanging branches of the spruce tree. I plopped myself down on the ground continuing my train of thought. I never felt left out before. It was after I started getting compliments all the time. I guess I started feeling better then the other dogs. I started thinking it was their fault for not being admirable enough, that must be it.  My eyelids started feeling heavy and closing. I gave in and took a long-deserved nap.


It took me a while for my eyes to adjust. I blinked a few times, but my vision was blurred and unclear.  It sounded like tires spinning underneath me. I heard loud barking and bashing of metal.  I saw bars in front of my face and I heard voices start yelling something I couldn’t understand. I started getting cold and was feeling like something was making me drowsy. I heard a familiar voice call out to me before I  passed out.

February 11

Recipe for Cheesy Beef Lasagna



2 tsp (10 mL) olive oil

2 cups (500 mL) onion, chopped

2 cups (500 mL) mushrooms, sliced

2 cloves garlic chopped

3 lb. (1.36 kg) lean ground beef

2 tbsp (30 mL) chili powder

3 cans of tomato soup



4 cups (1 L) light ricotta cheese

3 cups (750 mL) mozzarella cheese, shredded

1 cup (250 mL) Parmesan cheese, grated

2 eggs

12 oven ready lasagna noodles (uncooked)

1 tsp (5 mL) black pepper


Preheat oven to 375F

  1. Heat oil in a large stock pot over medium heat. Add the onions and mushrooms and sauté for 5 minutes until the vegetables caramelize.
  2. Chop garlic small and add to and break-up ground beef and continue to sauté for another 5 minutes or until the beef is well browned. Add the chili powder and continue to sauté for 2 minutes.
  3. Add the soup and cook for 5 minutes. Add broth and continue to cook for 10 minutes or until the meat is cooked. Remove from heat and set aside.
  4. In a large mixing bowl, combine ricotta cheese, half of the mozzarella cheese, eggs and black pepper. Mix Well.
  5. Spread 2 cups of the meat sauce in the bottom of a 9” x 13” pan. Layer 4 lasagna noodles on top, overlapping noodles slightly to cover the bottom.
  6. Spread half of the cheese mixture over noodles. Layer with 2 ½ cups of meat sauce and 4 lasagna noodles.

Cook for 1 hour 30 minutes


February 6

The Robot Cow

Jon retired from being a mechanic three year ago, now he is 67 and doing great, because he just finished a project he has been working on since he retired; the first and only Robot Cow.


Jon just turned on the switch to turn the Robot Cow on when he saw that he left the garage door open. Jon quickly went for the switch to put the door down but just before he did that, the cow came to life, and ran out of Jon’s garage, and down his driveway.


Jon Jumped up, and got into his truck and went after the cow, but once he got out of his driveway he saw the cow run into the bush.


Jon drove up to spot were the cow had run into the bush, but the Robot Cow was nowhere to be seen and it was getting dark. He decided to just go home and get up at sunrise to look for the cow.


Jon could not sleep that night. He was too busy thinking of things that could happen, like what if it got in with the next door neighbours cows? But, they would sooner or later notice that it was not eating, and they would bring it in to give it a needle and they wouldn’t be able to get the needle through the cow’s titanium body and they would call him about it, then all would be fine. But, nothing that lucky ever happens.


The next morning, Jon got up and went straight out to look for that Robot Cow. He went into the bush in the spot he saw it go in. Jon walked in about 60 meters when he saw a glint of shine. Hope filled his body. But, when he got up to it, his heart dropped into his toes. The Robot Cow had bullet holes in it!


Just ahead a robot hunter was hiding in the brush. The robot hunter was made by Tim, Jon’s crazy evil brother!


Jon didn’t see the robot hunter sitting in the brush. He was too mad to think about looking for someone with a gun. One thing Jon didn’t understand is why someone would shoot at a cow, because that’s what they probably thought it was. Jon didn’t know though that it was the robot hunter who shot his robot cow.


Jon went back to his house to pick up his tractor, so he could get the Robot cow. When Jon got back, he assessed the damage on the cow. He knew he couldn’t fix it


Jon was down, and very sad, even though it was a robot and not a real animal, it felt like one to Jon, and he had worked on it for three years of his life!


Three months later


Jon is now trying to find a project that he can incorporate parts from the robot cow into.

February 5

MY TOP 3 #2

today 2/5/2019 i will be doing my top 3 on food/suppers

3: Spaghetti, i like spaghetti especially with the meat sauce it gives the spaghetti more flavoring but i also like wrapping the spaghetti around a fork and eating it that way idk why but spaghetti is just really good and i like it alot.

2: My second favorite food is honey garlic wings, i absolutely love honey garlic wings the honey garlic is so tasteful with the wings the honey garlic flavor is every thing on the wings i like pepper wings but honey garlic just has better flavor and it is very good.

1: My first favorite food are chicken burgers they are my favorite especially the chubby chicken burgers from A&W they are so delicious and great, the mayonnaise that every restaurant has is better than regular mayo the may that a&w uses is very good with the chubby chicken burgers.

Any way this is all i have for today see you in my next top 3 this is reece signing off for now GOOODBYYEE!