December 12

Math Assignment for Wednesday, December 12

Today the grade 7’s are extending their previous assignment to include the use of fraction strips.  Watch the video below to get assistance for using these.  You can also download the assignment  and the handout from class. fraction strips-1hkdmxq

17.12.12 gr7 – using other models to add fractions – 3.2-1631o5w

The grade 8’s are also extending last week’s assignment of multiplying fractions.  Gr. 8s are to complete #’s -15

17.12.12 gr 8 using models to multiply fractions – 3.2-1cjtt3n

December 1

The Richest People I Know

I have a very important blog to share this week and it is about two very important people that mean a lot to me. So ill be sharing some things that i think of when people ask me about them. so here they are.

the first one is something that has been happening sense before I was born and probably before my mom was born, Any time you walk into my Baba and Gigi’s house before you can even take your shoes off there’s my Baba scrambling in the kitchen offering you food and telling you to sit at the table to eat, (even if you don’t want anything or just ate) and my Gigi asking you if  you want a drink.

Another one is them scrapping over this silliest things and after they are finished bickering they will turn around and giggle about it or whisper a joke into your ear about the topic.

But there is one last thing i would like you to know. even though they have nothing they will give you every thing, And in my eyes that makes them the wealthiest people I have ever known.

November 8


Okay, so so like to draw. A lot of people like drawing to..

People day I’m really good at drawing, but in reality, please just go to Pinterest and type in drawings. That will, for sure, change your opinions.

I started to draw because Naruto has became a huge influence on me, and I wanted to be a really good artist. Probably comparable to Hiashi Hishimoto. (Creator of the Naruto manga)

I started to draw out Naruto characters last year, and then actually improved this year. If you haven’t seen any of my drawing, please just ask.

But if you’re anti social, (not much of us are) you can take a look at my drawing right here. (The last one isn’t finished, almost done though)

November 2

good times

Trick or treating was fun. I was a prisoner. I went out with my sisters and brothers. I got a lot of candy. I ate a little bit of the candy. It was delicious. I am excited for next Halloween.

October 27


there are lots of types of candy big candy, little candy and most of them taste really good. There are lollipops, chocolate, gum, and many more candies. here are some of my favourite candy’s and chocolate-Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, Jolly Ranchers, and many more. What are some of your favourite candy’s?

Here are some candies i don’t like- Tootsie Rolls, Star Burst, and only a few more. What are some candy’s you don’t like? click here! if you like candy, you should go trick or treating on Halloween, it is coming up soon and you will get a lot of candy from that, but make sure you brush your teeth after. I think I like chocolate the most. What type of candy do you like?