June 7

Map Elements

Image result for zombie mapToday you are going to make a short presentation with you small group.  You will use the link below to access the shared Grade 7-8 Google Drive folder.  You will open your groups word document and collectively make a poster outlining your map element.  Then you will use that poster to present to the class how you map element is used/useful.  Then you will use your new-found knowledge of map elements to create and label your own maps using the assignment below.


Here is a copy of the assignment.

18.06.06 map elements assignment-van4kq



May 30

Different Types of Maps

Check this out!



Map of Manitoba


Satellite map of Manitoba


infographic map of Canada – infographics on water


infographic map of Canada – infographic on hunger


GIS of Manitoba – resources


Road maps


Topographical map of Manitoba


April 3

The Displaced – a 360 Video About 3 Child Refugees

Today we are going on a virtual tour following 3 child refugees on their journeys.  Join these children for their story and then use the assignment linked below to complete your responses.

Please note: If you are watching this video you have two options.  You can either watch in a browser and use the arrows or your cursor to turn around or you can use the official youtube app on a smartphone with a vr viewer to d othe full immersive vr experience (I suggest this one).

Download the response assignment here.

16.02.09 The Displaced – 360 REfugee Video

October 24

The Battle for Northern Syria

Today we are going into VR to witness “The Battle for Northern Syria”.  Students will be using our VR headsets to immerse themselves in Syria to learn about the ongoing battle.  Students will use the video below and respond with the questions provided below.  To get some background we previewed the first video below and observed notes related to the video.

Download a copy of the notes reviewed in class:

17.10.24 syrian refugee crisis youtube video notes-253rk0w

Download a copy of the questions:


17.10.24 The Battle for Northern Syria-1l1iqku

The video below is used alongside a google VR viewer.  For it to work you must open it in the youtube app on your device.  Then select the “google cardboard” option for viewing in 360.