February 8

Masterpieces of Ancient Egyptian Art

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Today we are going on a virtual field trip to Egypt with our VR headsets.  You will see many wonders including the Rosetta Stone itself.  Download a copy of the google expeditions onto you device in order to join the fun.  The google expedition that we are going on is called “Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt Art”



Students have an assignment associated with the experience.  Download the response questions here.

17.02.08 vr field trip to egypt –

February 2

Ancient Egypt – The Rosetta Stone

Today we are discussing the Rosetta Stone: the key to understanding ancient Egypt.  Students will decipher codes, watch a fascinating documentary, and begin work on their very own Rosetta Stones that will be written in Cuneiform (the Mesopotamians), hieroglyphics (the ancient Egyptians), and English (us of course).

Image result for the rosetta stoneUse this link below to translate into Cuneiform



Here are some sheets used in class

17.02.01 HieroglyphicsPrintableWorksheet

17.02.01 rosetta stone worksheet Keywords+Students+v.2

17.02.02 decoding_ancient_egyptian_hieroglyphs

May 30

Zombies – Where Will They Go Next? (Day 3-4)

zombie geoIn this assignment you will pick one of the 3 zones that are currently experiencing outbreaks.  Once you have done that you will…

  1. Make sure that your national map has all the information documenting the outbreaks.
    1. Does your map have symbols or colour-coding to accurately show each day’s attacks. This is important in predicting where future attacks may occur.
  2. You will need to identify what the possible connections are between the places that are experiencing attacks?
    1. Does your current map have enough information for that?
      1. You may need to find more information to help you (like shipping or flight connections, topography, etc.)
  3. Make a new map that highlights only your region.
    1. What information will you need to include to accurately document the outbreaks and connections you are using to make your predictions?
    2. Don’t forget to have all the major elements that a good map should have.
  4. Document any new information on your master map.
    1. What new information has come up?
  5. Write up a clear, detailed hypothesis that explains where you think the zombies will go on days 3 and 4. Be sure to share a great amount of detail that connects all your map research and information. (By the time Mr. E is finished reading your researched and detailed explanation he should be totally convinced that you are correct in your prediction).


Zombies – Where will they go next?
  1 2 3 4
Map elements and accuracy Some essential elements may be missing. Information is unclear, hard to read, messy and inaccurate.     All the essential map elements are present and all information is clear, easy to read, neatly done and accurate.
Research and communication Students has shared little to no evidence of researching additional information and has not put enough effort into communicating their predictions.     Student has accurately researched connections between the cities and clearly communicated their predictions based on the researched information including clear writing, additional maps, and more.
Critical thinking and consideration The student has not explained their thinking or predictions making it confusing for the audience to understand.     Student has accurately shared all their research and explained how it works together to make a detailed hypothesis about where the zombies may move to next.
Total                   /12