June 7

Map Elements

Image result for zombie mapToday you are going to make a short presentation with you small group.  You will use the link below to access the shared Grade 7-8 Google Drive folder.  You will open your groups word document and collectively make a poster outlining your map element.  Then you will use that poster to present to the class how you map element is used/useful.  Then you will use your new-found knowledge of map elements to create and label your own maps using the assignment below.


Here is a copy of the assignment.

18.06.06 map elements assignment-van4kq



May 30

Different Types of Maps

Check this out!



Map of Manitoba


Satellite map of Manitoba


infographic map of Canada – infographics on water


infographic map of Canada – infographic on hunger


GIS of Manitoba – resources


Road maps


Topographical map of Manitoba


April 3

The Displaced – a 360 Video About 3 Child Refugees

Today we are going on a virtual tour following 3 child refugees on their journeys.  Join these children for their story and then use the assignment linked below to complete your responses.

Please note: If you are watching this video you have two options.  You can either watch in a browser and use the arrows or your cursor to turn around or you can use the official youtube app on a smartphone with a vr viewer to d othe full immersive vr experience (I suggest this one).

Download the response assignment here.

16.02.09 The Displaced – 360 REfugee Video