October 4

Pythagorean Theorem – Square Numbers, Roots, and Beyond

This week the grade 7’s and 8’s are going to have very similar assignments as they learn the Pythagorean Theorem and how it relates to square numbers, roots, and more.  Watch the video below for an introduction to the concept.  Then you may access the assignment scans below.

Note: that the grade 7’s are doing assignment 1.12 whereas the grade 8’s are doing assignment 1.2

Note: it is always a best practice to review all the examples of the assignment prior to engaging in the assigned questions in order to know the potential strategies.  Also, if yo are stumped on a question you can always refer to the examples for help.

Click on the links below for the assignments

17.10.4 gr 7 – 1.1 (8 text) – squares roots and the pythagorean theorem -1hqnool

-Grade 7’s are to complete #’s 4-17

17.10.4 gr 8 – 1.2 – squares and square roots p 11-134j1sl

-Grade 8’s are to complete #’s 5-17

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September 13

First Math Assignment – Patterns in Division

Today we started talking about division and how there are certain patterns to figure out if a number is divisible by another number. We started with some division drills and then moved on to the assignment in the link below.  It can be found in our textbooks in the classroom but this pdf will work as well.  Also, Mr. Ewert has provided copies of this assignment and they can be found on the Math shelf at the back of the classroom.

17.09.13 gr 7 – 1.1 – patterns in division – p6-2j77xba


Remember that you can also complete the Sumdog challenge called “Dividing up the spoils” on sumdog.


February 21

Intro to Algebra and Equations

Today we are talking about Algebra.  We watched the video below (particularly the second half of it) and observed the assignments below.  We also used the smart board for algebra tiles.  If you would like to try you can download the file below and get the free smartboard software to use with your mouse.

17.02.21 algebra tiles 2 – balancing

Click the links below for the assignments.

17.02.21 gr 7 – algebraic expressions – pg 16 (grade 7’s complete all questions)

17.02.21 gr 8 – solving equations using algebra – p.327 (grade 8’s complete 5-14)


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January 16

Math – Adding and Multiplying Fractions

This week we are going to be adding and multiplying fractions.  To get some help with this you can watch the Math Antics videos below.

The assignment:

Grade 7 – P. 179 – 5.1 Using models to add fractions

17.01.16 grade 7 – p.178 – using models to add fractrions

Grade 8 – P. 104 – 3.1 Using models to multiply fractions and whole numbers

17.01.16 grade 8 p.104 – 3.1 using models to multiply fractions and whole numbers


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