December 12

Math Dec. 12

We are entering basic algebra.  The gr. 7 and gr. 8’s are doing some similar work this week.  See the assignments below and the helpful video for instruction.

Students are asked to watch the video lesson (at least part 1) below to familiarize themselves with the basics of algebra (prior to engaging in the assignments)


Click on the assignments below

18.12.11 grade 7 – algebraic expressions – 1.3-295rjzd

Grade 7 complete all questions

18.12.11 grade 8 – solving equations using models – 6.1-1h81rc3

Grade 8 complete 5-8, 10 – 13

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December 3

Math – Dec. 3

Today the Grade 7’s are looking at converting from fractions, to decimals, and finally, to percents.  Grade 8’s will be working on ratios.

Click on the links below to watch the lessons (videos coming soon) and to download the assignment.

Grade 7’s are to complete all questions and Grade 8’s are to complete questions 4-16

18.12.03 grade 7 – relating fractions decimals and percents – 3.7-2mq1vsi

18.12.03 grade 8 – exploring ratios – 5.5-1vbsq92

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November 21

Math – Nov. 21

Today the Gr. 7’s started looking at adding fractions symbolically with numbers as a follow up to our work the previous week using models. The Grade 8’s are also extending last week’s skills and are working on multiplying fractions using models.  See the assignments and videos below.

18.11.21 grade 7 – using symbols to add fractions – 5.3-27w9tkt

Grade 7’s complete questions 1-10


18.11.20 gr 8 – using models to multiply fractions – 3.2-2o0bpt3

Grade 8’s complete questions 5-13



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November 12

Math – Nov. 13

This week we are getting in to fractions in a big way. Grade 7 will be adding whilst the grade 8s will be multiplying…and as always, we will incorporate the use of models to assist in the concepts.
Grade 7s assignment is below with a video coming soon. Gr.7 will be doing assignment  5.2 – all questions

18.11.05 grade 7 – adding fractions with models – 5.2-25miiwu

Grade 8s assignment is below with a video coming soon.  Gr.8 will be doing assignment 3.1, questions 3-17, and 19-20

18.11.05 grade 8 – multiplying fractions with models – 3.1-2my36sg


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