October 7

Math for Oct. 8th – Adding and Subtracting Decimals (gr.7) – Calculating Percents (gr.8)

This week the grade 7’s are working on adding and subtracting decimals while the grade 8’s are working on calculating percents.  Check out the assignments and videos below.

Grade 7’s complete #’s 1- 7 and 9 – 11 in the assignment below.

19.10.08 grade 7 – adding and subtracting decimals – 3.3

Grade 8’s are working on assignment 5.2 on calculating percent and will work on #’s 4 – 15

19.10.08 grade 8 -calculating percent- 5.2

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September 11

Math Lessons on Integers

This week we are introducing integers for Grade 7 and 8 with the Grade 7’s learning to add and subtract integers and the Grade 8’s going into multiplication of integers.  Below you will find scans of the textbook assignment and videos of a lesson from class.

Grade 7’s – Your assignment is # 2.1 and 2.2 in the textbook.  You are to complete 2.1, #’s 1-7, and 2.2, #’s  1-6, and 8.

19.09.11 grade 7 – representing integers – 2.1

19.09.11 grade 7 – adding integers with tiles – 2.2

Grade 8’s – Your assignment is #2.1 in the textbook.  You are to complete #’s 5-14, 17, and 18.

19.09.11 grade 8 – models to multiply integers – 2.1


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June 5

Sketchup Training

Today we are getting into 3d modelling with software.  To help us get acquainted with CAD software we will be training with Sketchup through our educational licenses.  Observe the videos below.

Mr. Ewert’s video on how to get a basic floor plan to walls, measurements, floors and paint.

Mr. Ewert’s video on paint and buying furniture to putting it into the model.

Link to Ikea to buy stuff


Link to Ikea furniture to put into your model


Mr. Ewert’s video on how to make videos of your model.

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May 31

Fraction Review

Follow the videos below with the handouts provided in class.  All this material is also available online at mathantics.com using Mr. Ewert’s log in info that is written on the far right side of the whiteboard in the our classroom.




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May 6

Math – Probability Trees

Today we are talking about Probability with a specific focus on probability trees (which are rather difficult for some).  The grade 8’s will be joining the grade 7’s on this assignment this week.

The assignment is linked to below with all questions due for the quiz on Friday.

19.05.06 grade 7 8 assignment – probability tree diagrams – 7.6-1uil0es

Check out this video and lesson to help you out if you missed class.


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April 29

Math – April 29 – bisectors (7) and prisms review (8)

This week the grade 7’s are completing their bisectors work with asssignment 8.4 while the grade 8’s are completing their unit on measurement of prisms.

Note: The grade 8’s are having a unit final quiz this Friday covering surface area and volume of rectangular, triangular and cylindrical prisms.

Gr. 7 Assignment: Grade 7’s are to complete assignment 8.4 (all questions).  Be sure to watch the video below closely to learn how to do all the examples from this assignment.

19.04.29 grade 7 – constructing angle bisectors 8.4-27ljguk

Gr. 8 Assignment: Grade 8 students have a cumulative unit quiz on surface area and volume of prisms this Friday.  To prepare Gr. 8’s are to review all measurement of prisms lessons and to complete the unit review and the practice test to prepare.  The specific assignment is…

-unit review: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15

-unit practice test: suggested to complete this but it is optional

Note: for more instruction on these concepts see the videos in the past lessons on measurement of solids.

19.04.29 grade 8 unit review – measurement of prisms – 4.1 – 4.7-xrj7ou

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April 21

Math – April 21

This week we are extending our geometry studies with the Grade 7’s looking at bisectors and the Grade 8’s studying the volume of cylinders.

The Grade 7 Assignment: Grade 7’s will complete all questions in assignment 8.3 on constructing perpendicular bisectors.

19.04.21 grade 7 – constructing perpendicular bisectors – 8.3-2bj78n8

The Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s will complete questions 4 – 15 of assignment 4.8 “Volume of a Right Cylinder”

19.04.1521 Grade 8 – volume of cylinders – 4.8-uy8t6i

April 15

Math – April 15

This week we are going into spatial math with the grade 7’s entering geometry starting with parallel and perpendicular lines.  The Grade 8’s are working on more 3d geometry with.

The Grade 7 Assignment: Grade 7’s are working on assignment 8.1 and 8.2.  On 8.1 they are to complete #’s

19.04.12 grade 7 – parallel and perpendicular lines – 8.1-8.2-18jxzej


The Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s are working on 3d geometry.  They will be completing #’s 4-15 in assignment 4.7.

19.04.15 grade 8 – surface area of right cylinder – 4.7-shwdlk