April 21

Math – April 21

This week we are extending our geometry studies with the Grade 7’s looking at bisectors and the Grade 8’s studying the volume of cylinders.

The Grade 7 Assignment: Grade 7’s will complete all questions in assignment 8.3 on constructing perpendicular bisectors.

19.04.21 grade 7 – constructing perpendicular bisectors – 8.3-2bj78n8

The Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s will complete questions 4 – 15 of assignment 4.8 “Volume of a Right Cylinder”

19.04.1521 Grade 8 – volume of cylinders – 4.8-uy8t6i

April 15

Math – April 15

This week we are going into spatial math with the grade 7’s entering geometry starting with parallel and perpendicular lines.  The Grade 8’s are working on more 3d geometry with.

The Grade 7 Assignment: Grade 7’s are working on assignment 8.1 and 8.2.  On 8.1 they are to complete #’s

19.04.12 grade 7 – parallel and perpendicular lines – 8.1-8.2-18jxzej


The Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s are working on 3d geometry.  They will be completing #’s 4-15 in assignment 4.7.

19.04.15 grade 8 – surface area of right cylinder – 4.7-shwdlk


April 8

Math Review – Fractions and More

This week we are spiraling back to fractions.  Grade 7’s are reviewing fractions, decimals and percents where Gr. 8s are dividing decimals. Whilst students are reviewing these past concepts we will also be doing interventions based on our current MRLC results to ensure students are growing past their “sticking points” in math.

Grade 7 Suggested Materials for Study: p. 120 review of Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. Complete all questions. Practice test on page 122.

19.04.08 grade 7 – unit review fractions decimals percents – p.120-10o50qu

Grade 8 Assignment: 3.5 “Dividing Whole Numbers and Fractions”.  Complete questions 3-15.

19.04.08 – grade 8 dividing whole numbers and fraction – 3.5-1d8upnh

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April 3


Today we are doing a review of BEDMAS (PEMDAS) with students.  We played “Who Wants to be a Hundredaire” online to test and hone our skills.


For a review of how the Order of Operations works (BEDMAS/PEMDAS) check out the video below.

Extra Games:







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April 1

Math – April 1st

Image result for probabilityThis week we are discussing probability in both Grade 7 and 8 Math.  Grade 7’s are discussing different ways of expressing probability using different methods of representation from fractions, to percent, to decimals.  Grade 8’s are discussing how the likelihood of independent events happening.

Grade 7 Assignment: click the link below for the assignment and watch the videos for extra help with converting between different forms of numbers (dec., fractions and more).  Grade 7 are to do all questions of the assignment.

19.04.01 grade 7 – different ways to express probability – 7.5-1v6z3g9

Grade 8 Assignment: click the link below for the assignment.  Grade 8’s are expected to complete #’s 3-12 in preparation for their quiz on Friday.

19.04.01 grade 8 – probability of independent events – 7.3-wjlttw

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March 11

Math – Feb. 11 – Graphs, mean, mode, and more

This week we are looking at graphing data and analyzing it using mode, mean, median, and range.  Click the links below for the assignments.

Grade 7 are doing assignment 7.1 and 7.2.  For 7.1 they are to do #’s 2-7 and for 7.2 #’s 1-3 and 5-7.

19.03.11 grade 7 – mean mode median range – 7.1 7.2-1ujbv0v

Grade 8 are doing assignment 7.1 and are to do #’s 3-12.

19.03.11 grade 8 – choosing an appropriate graph – 7.1-1dlro1n

Check out the videos below to help you with this concept.



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February 24

Math for Feb. 25th

Image result for fractionsThis week we are revisiting fractions with the grade 7’s working on adding and subtracting fractions and the grade 8’s working on multiplying fractions (even with mixed numbers).

The Grade 7’s are working on assignments 5.5 and 5.6 and will complete #’s in assignment 5.5 and #’s in assignment 5.6.  click on the link for a copy of the pages of the text below.

19.02.25 Grade 7 – Adding and subtracting with mixed numbers – 5.5 5.6-10ey2b0

The Grade 8’s are working on assignments 3.3 and 3.4 and will complete #’s in assignment 3.3 and #’s in assignment 3.4.  click on the link for a copy of the pages of the text below.

19.02.25 grade 8 – multiplying fraction and mixed numbers – 3.3 3.4-1vo9wce

Here are some helpful videos from Math Antics to help you.



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February 14

Math – Feb. 19

This week the Grade 7’s are studying how to find the area of parallelograms and triangles.  The Grade 8’s will be studying the volume of rectangular and triangular prisms.

Grade 7: Assignments 4.3 and 4.4 do all #’s

19.02.18 grade 7 – area of parrallelogram and triangles – 4.3-4.4-1i4cvcv

Grade 8: Assignments 4.5 and 4.6.  For 4.5 do #’s 4-13 and for 4.6 do #’s 3-13

19.02.11 grade 8 – volume of prisms – 4.5-4.6-144l1cv

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January 28

Math – Jan. 28/19

Today we are starting our work on measurement of angles, 2d shapes and 3d shapes.  Grade 7 will be working on circumference and area of circles and grade 8’s on surface area and volume of prisms.

Grade 7’s – Your assignment is 4.2 #’s 1-7 and 4.5 #’s 1-7


Grade 8’s – Your assignment is 4.3 #’s 4-10 and 4.4 #’s 4-10