April 8

Math Review – Fractions and More

This week we are spiraling back to fractions.  Grade 7’s are reviewing fractions, decimals and percents where Gr. 8s are dividing decimals. Whilst students are reviewing these past concepts we will also be doing interventions based on our current MRLC results to ensure students are growing past their “sticking points” in math.

Grade 7 Suggested Materials for Study: p. 120 review of Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. Complete all questions. Practice test on page 122.

19.04.08 grade 7 – unit review fractions decimals percents – p.120-10o50qu

Grade 8 Assignment: 3.5 “Dividing Whole Numbers and Fractions”.  Complete questions 3-15.

19.04.08 – grade 8 dividing whole numbers and fraction – 3.5-1d8upnh

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