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You Life Budget

Image result for personal budgetToday you will start to plan an actual life budget.  The year is 2025, you are an entry level employee in a store.  You make minimum wage and you need to make ends meet.  How will you do it?


Use these links below to help you.

Links to help you find your expenses

How to figure out what you will actually make annually on a minimum wage job.

Finding out what the actual net income you will get (we will just use the Ontario 2018 one)

Bus passes


total cost of owning a car

Finding an apartments

Finding Cell Phone Prices

-Rogers cell phone plan|aorcwrlsaq|omdrg0101163&gclid=Cj0KEQiAq920BRC8-efn57XrotYBEiQAlVlMQ9D4zdq_SdGbNBA6Bf1OY44l3XcV5HlDzIF8IPePEu8aArki8P8HAQ

-Bell mobility cell plans

Internet ( this is shaw plans) (MTS internet) (rogers)

How much will my pet cost?

This website shares annual costs of owning a dog

the cost of owning a cat for a year

mortgage estimation (how much you will need to pay per month to buy a house

use this calculator to help you*Google*CIBC-Mortgages*G-E-Mortgage+Calculator+Exact*Mortgage+Rate+Calculator-Exact*mortgage+calculator

Heating and water for a house (finding average costs based on square footage of the house you’re buying.

Check out this chart for average cost s of heating your place

Hydro-electricity bill estimate for apartment (per person)

vacation savings (find a vacation and divide by 12 for a monthly saving estimate)



how much the average Manitoban household spends

the average number of persons per household in Manitoba


Clothing and other various costs

What the average household (remember the ave. household has 2.5 people) spends on various costs


This guy did a budget much like ours.  Check out his numbers


For general inquiries about what the average Canadian spends on various things go to this website (IT IS SUPER HELPFUL)


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