February 2


WE HAVE BAD WEATHER and i don’t like it AHH. I want to be somewhere warm and not always windy and freezing outside AHH.

So when i am older i want to go to New Zealand or Hawaii just somewhere warm because i am sick and tired of the coldness and when people get stuck on the road also all of the car crashes that happen. The thing i worry about most is when people go drinking and they are walking home and then they wake up at a hospital and they have family waiting for them to wake up and i think that is very sad.

that is my blog for today byee.

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6 thoughts on “BAD WEATHER AHH!

  1. mrewert

    I agree with you about the bad weather. It makes me think of a meme I saw it recently where it says why do I live somewhere where the air hurts my face. I see you are also discussing the tragedy that happened when that boy was freezing in Riverton. Very sad story.

  2. Rhyan

    yeah i agree with you. hi i am rhyan (pronounced ryan) and i am starting year 8 at oamaru intermediate school. i am currently at the edge of a tropical storm the wether has been RAIN RAIN RAIN for 3 days so i have been stuck inside for 3 possibly 4 days and its been BORING. so if you want to go on to my blog here is the link https://oisrhyang.blogspot.co.nz/ the name will still say year 7. thats because i havn’t changed the name yet.


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